We believe in the importance of integrity and responsibility when it comes to business practice throughout our group. Through emphasis on our core values, we seek to ensure that each member of our group work in a way that promotes excellence and sustainability.

Environmental Policy

We believe that businesses have a key part to play in protecting the future of our environment and we are committed to reducing the impact of our group companies on the environment. For example, we operate in a paperless environment across the group and encourage an eco-friendly approach from our staff through our recycling policies.

Health and Safety Policy

We consider the health and safety of our staff to be of fundamental importance to the success of our businesses and place great emphasis on the development of each individuals career, whatever path that may be.

We ensure that each of our group companies employs a detailed policy to protect staff in relation to health and safety as well as bullying and harassment to ensure that each member of the team able to work in a safe and productive environment.
Slavery and Bribery Policy

It is our responsibility as a group to ensure that we do what we can to stamp out modern slavery. Though our robust policies and procedures, we seek to ensure that our businesses protect individuals from this type of crime.